Joys Tag(15 of my small Joys)

Hey guys…I am back again with a new post which is actually my first time for a tag Post..and I am really glad for having my viewers support till far. So let’s get started, without wasting any time…πŸ‘‡

Let’s first start with the Rules:

What are the Rules?

1.) Thank the blogger who tagged you.

2.) List 15 of your small Joys.

3.) Tag 5 blogger friends to share their joys.

Who Nominated Me?

This nomination comes from a very awesome blog, “Top Tamil Talk” and I am really thankful for believing in me and to nominate me for this tag. I urge you all guys, to go through the blog and find some more amazing reasons to love it.

15 Things/Activities that brings a smile on my face:

1.) Writting my blog: Well, this is the first thing which brings smile on my face nowadays, although being a board student, I am desperately in search for free time apart from studies,but you know, whenever I get opportunity , I try my level best to write as much as I can.

2.) Drawing and painting: Well,if you have visited my blog,you can easily guess this why,cause my blog is all about art, although I was very bad in it during my childhood, but later on, I tried to improve my skills and to my utter surprise it happened…πŸ˜€

3.) Sleeping: This is one of favourite thing which I do in a day. As a whole, you can say, If I am awake, I can stay awake, but when I am sleeping, I am just deep sleeping…🀭It doesn’t matter how much noise is there..So I just love it.. because this is the time when I am completely lost within myself… away from the a better dreamy world…πŸ‘Ό

4.) To read novels: Reading novels is one of such things which can keep me busy the whole day. I don’t care, If I am left alone with books…I just need their company.

5.) Watching Cricket: Well, I was not a born cricket fan..I must say I am a great fan of M.S. Dhoni and that’s the reason I started watching cricket.

6.) Watching SRK films: This is one of those things which automatically lits up my face and the reason being I am his fan also…

7.) Spending time with family: Like a ll other families, I also just love spending my leisure time with my family and friends…it is a great stress reliever and it makes me very happy.

8.) Spending time with kids: I am a person in love with kids…I just love caring them…I am actually one of those persons who is surrounded by kids…

9.) Getting appreciated for my worst cooking: Yes, you read that right,I am very bad at cooking and also I have no interest in it. But being a girl, sooner or later, I have to learn this,so even if I cook the worst of foods…my family is always supporting me…🌟which actually helped me a lot in improving my cooking… isn’t the joy of living with the family most precious??

10.) My Mom’s cooked food: I just love my mom’s cooking. Doesn’t everyone, loves so? Well, each one of us, have been praising our mom’s to be the best cook..and it’s true for everyone… because it has an extra flavour of love and warmth cooked it with the food.

11.) Writting Diaries: It is one of the favourite things which brings a smile on my face…Being an introvert girl, I don’t always express my emotions and thoughts to anyone via any medium…so this brings a smile on my face…

12.) Making my parents proud: My sole objective in life is to achieve something really great and make my parents proud…I want them to feel extra special…till now whatever they have given me and been my support support system through my toughest times, makes me dedicate atleast this much to them…

13.) Participating in co- curricular activities: Apart from studies, each one of us want something creative in our lives,so as do I, I love participating in various competitions because I believe the person who doesn’t dares to participate is the biggest loser instead of the one person scoring last position in the competition.

14.) Watching T.V.: For free leisure time in evenings, I usually watch Television and it brings a smile on my face.

15.) Doing Yoga: I am a total fitness freak kind of a person and each morning,when I get up,I am practicing Yoga for maintaining my health.

Who are my nominees??

1.) The Medha Suri Blogs-

2.) Unique Life style-

3.) Me and my thoughts-

4.) Positivity monger-

5.) Cricket Vikas-

These are the nominees that I have decided to nominate and they all are very hardworking with their awesome blogs. I expect each one of you to appreciate their work.

Till then,

Stay safe and happy blogging πŸ‘

18 thoughts on “Joys Tag(15 of my small Joys)

  1. Hey sakshi , congrats πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ you’re doing really amazing my girl.
    And thanks again for nominating β™₯️😘😘
    Will start posting in a day or so. 😊

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