300 Followers+ Announcement✨

Hello Everyone! Welcome you all to my blog…

Todayyyy, I am back with an achievement and an announcement. So, without any delay, let’s get started:

So, I am glad to share this news with you all that finally my blog, “Art Enthusiastics” has hit 300 Followers.

Well, I know, it’s not a very great achievement, but for me, each achievement matters a lot. I am thankful to you all for always supporting and showering such great amount of love to my blog. To be honest, your support really encourages me a lot. You guys, have always stood beside me like a rock, encouraging and guiding me in my WP journey.

I know, I was a bit inactive in my journey, and still, I am not sure, whether I will be able to maintain my regularity due to some unavoidable situation. But, I will try my level best to maintain my regularity.

Also, now it’s time for some announcements:

1.) As you all Guys know, I am hosting a Talent Hunt Art Competition, and since the last date to send your entries is near, I request you all to kindly send your entries as soon as possible.

2.) Also, since we have hit 300 followers, my blog is now open for collaborations and guest posts. So, if any of you Guys, are interested. Please do drop a comment in the comments section.

Thank you so much!!!!!🥳

30 thoughts on “300 Followers+ Announcement✨

      1. Hey!! I have nominated you for the Aesthete Blogger Award…please do check it out and let me know when you will post💫


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