Happy Birthday Mamma!

Hello Friends, welcome you all to my blog. Today, I am going to dedicate a poem for my mother, whom I lost last year. Last year, too, on her birthday, I dedicated a poem for her and luckily she read it. Maybe, this year, she will not be read this poem, but I just want her to let know, that I love and miss her a lot.

The link for the last year’s post:


Also, I dedicated an Elegy poem for her on my YouTube channel, few months after her demise.

Here’s the link to that YT Video:


Now, coming to this year’s poem:

Hey Mum! On your special day,

this year, I am back with a wish,

though this year, you probably won’t read this,

but my heart’s call,

will certainly reach your heart.❤️

You were, and are, everything to me,

our bonding took test,

but we weren’t affected,

but the biggest toll life gave,

was to snatch you from my life,

and, I can claim,

that this will stay,

the biggest scar,

till my death,

and that will be the best day,

cause I will meet you again.💓

Thank You!

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