How Art affects and shapes our personality?

Hello Guys, welcome you all to my blog. Well, today, on the occasion of International Peace Day, let me present you all with a topic which will hopefully develop and shape your personality. And, being honest, according to me, when our personality gets grommed, everything else happens the best. And of course, we will get PEACE too.💫

So, without wasting your much precious time, let’s get staaaarrrrrttttedddd….Wohooooo🎉🎉🎉

So, while thinking about my next blog post topic, when this idea clicked my mind, I had eventually categorised the topic into two, well the first one is for my artist friends, who are already in love with art. And the second one, is for my non-artist friends, who might have never tried or liked art. Well, I am not here to judge or to make someone’s choice superior, instead I am here to put forth my views which I have experienced after diving in the ocean of art.

So, talking further about the first category i.e my artist friends, first of all, I think you all have atleast got a rough idea about what I am going to talk. So, my friends, let me ask you a question: Since you all Guys, have experienced art and know what it is, do you all agree with my point, that art has affected and shaped our personality for a good cause?

Please do drop your views in the comments section.

Well, for those who agree with my point, I hope you all understand why I am putting stress on this topic. Art is not just a means of recreation, but also a great way of channelizing our energy and creativity to a good cause. Well, if you are a regular viewer of my blog, you all must know this fact that I was not a good artist since my childhood. Well, good is a very strong term, leave it, I was a ” terrible” artist. Whenever I used to see other students, drawing beautiful arts, I used to wonder, why I am so bad at it?

Well, time, dedication and hardwork changes everything. And the same happened with me too, I tried and tried and now I can say that I am a pretty much decent Artist. And keeping aside, the basic characteristics, my personality has developed amazingly.

Well, if any of you are thinking that I am bragging much, it’s not the case, Guys. I always take my example, to explain things because of two reasons:

1.) Your own journey is the best example.

2.) I don’t know anyone else’s story. So what’s the point, in bringing a topic, where I am not able to convince my audience.

So, I hope I am clear with my point.

So, now moving further with the next category, i.e of non-artists, who are never associated with art or don’t like art, much same like I was in childhood.

So, my friends, first of all, I must clarify, that I am not here to influence your thinking, nor I can ever do. You all are unique and special as a person. But, I can say this, that there’s nothing wrong in giving a try to creative activities. As I have discussed before, this definitely shapes your personality, but this doesn’t mean that if you’re not interested or practicing art, then you don’t a good personality.

Maybe, there would be even more interesting and personality shaping activity, which you all must be practicing and we, are not.

So, if you know any such activity, please do share in the comments section. I would be pleased to read your comments, Guys.

So that’s it, Guys. I hope it was a great read for you all. Stay connected and safe, friends.😊

300 Followers+ Announcement✨

Hello Everyone! Welcome you all to my blog…

Todayyyy, I am back with an achievement and an announcement. So, without any delay, let’s get started:

So, I am glad to share this news with you all that finally my blog, “Art Enthusiastics” has hit 300 Followers.

Well, I know, it’s not a very great achievement, but for me, each achievement matters a lot. I am thankful to you all for always supporting and showering such great amount of love to my blog. To be honest, your support really encourages me a lot. You guys, have always stood beside me like a rock, encouraging and guiding me in my WP journey.

I know, I was a bit inactive in my journey, and still, I am not sure, whether I will be able to maintain my regularity due to some unavoidable situation. But, I will try my level best to maintain my regularity.

Also, now it’s time for some announcements:

1.) As you all Guys know, I am hosting a Talent Hunt Art Competition, and since the last date to send your entries is near, I request you all to kindly send your entries as soon as possible.

2.) Also, since we have hit 300 followers, my blog is now open for collaborations and guest posts. So, if any of you Guys, are interested. Please do drop a comment in the comments section.

Thank you so much!!!!!🥳

Madhubani Art + Announcement

Hello Guys, how are you all????

Well, Today I am going to present you glimpses of my recently learnt Art. Well, it’s none other than Madhubani Art. Those people who are already aware of this Art, must be clear with my point that it’s one of the most beautiful art forms of India.

It has its origins from Madhubani, Bihar. And being an Indian, it was always my desire to learn this art. Well, learning a new Art not only hones our art skills but also improves our knowledge of culture.

So, without any delay, let me present my art.

Do watch the video😊

Next month, I will be back with another Madhubani Art Gallery session. Do put forth your views, Guys. It really matters a lot. Since, I am beginner in this art, I will definitely follow your advices and improve myself.

Also, here is an announcement for you all:

Since the last date for my self conducted Talent Hunt Art Competition is near, I request you all to please send your entries as soon as possible.

Here’s the link to the submission form:

Submission Form

Thank You!!!!!

E-Art Love🖼️

Hello Buddies, how are you all? Well, first of all, my heartiest greetings for Ganesh Chaturthi to you all.

Today, I am presenting an E-Art by my sister. I hope you all will like it.

Also, this post is a quick reminder for all my blogger friends, who haven’t yet participated in the Artist Hunt Competition. So, what are you all waiting for Guys?

Do participate and tell me how’s this art.

That’s all for today

Bye Guys!!!

Competition Alert!!!


Today, I am up with an interesting opportunity for art-lovers. Please do participate, even if you haven’t tried art, because I can guarantee you…talent has no boundaries..and it can come at any age.

In my story, I was a terrible student at drawing during my childhood. But, I practiced and see, I have made development, of some sort atleast.

So, I am back with a drawing competition.

Now, the basic rules are as follows:

1.) There is no age limit.

2.) Topic is open, you can choose any topic and draw art on it.

3.) Handmade and E-Art, both are acceptable.

4.) Try to submit your art within the given provided time.

5.) Plagiarism or cheating of any kind is not acceptable. Any candidate found cheating, will be disqualified.

Try to be original and BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!!

Other details are mentioned on the poster and in the video, still if any problem or query arises, you all are welcome to ask your doubts on Instagram or the given provided social media handles comments section.

Also here’s the link to submission form:

Submission Form

Thank You!!!

The Art of Color Mixing🎨

Hello Everyone! How are you all? Welcome you all to my blog and today we are going to discuss one of the most awaited topic, that is the art of color mixing.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

So, basically it is the art of mixing two colors and due to which a new color is obtained.

There are two types of color mixing:

1.) Additive Color Mixing: It is a process of creating a new color that adds one set of wavelengths to another set of wavelengths.

The commonly used additive primary colors are Red, Green and Blue, and if we overlap all three in effectively equal mixture, we will get white light as shown at the center.

2.) Subtractive Color Mixing: It is the process of mixing paints or colored material, so that the wavelengths are deleted from what we actually see.

The three subtractive primary colors are Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

# Rule of Color Mixing: Don’t mix too much

Now, I am going to insert some pictures depicting color mixing.

That’s all for today!

Thank You!

Being a Woman

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I would like to apologize for my absence from WP from a few days. So, here I am presenting an art of mine, hoping you all will like it.

Being a woman is not easy,

To tackle with the world’s discrimination,

Justifying the family and society,

Of my capabilities,

But giving up hope is not what I will ever expect,

Instead, I will strive hard and prove my worth.

By-Sakshi Shreya

Copyright © Sakshi Shreya
All Rights Reserved

Why parents try to avoid career in Arts for their child?

Hello and Welcome you all to my Blog. Today, I am going to discuss on a very common issue faced by students, especially in India. And the topic is, ” Why parents avoid career in Arts for their Child?”. Well, some of you will say, that whatever I am discussing today is purely based on old thoughts.

Now, the world has evolved, and now parents are friends to their children. Well, I will not disagree with your views, I too think that nowadays, the barrier of communication between parents and child has significantly reduced, and it is a good sign.

But, this isn’t the case everywhere, and at various places, even today, we are facing the problem. In many cases, the stress put on students is direct, but sometimes students do also face indirect stress i.e. the parents will say that they are not against their dreams, but will not be happy with their choice,which ultimately puts them on stress and they end up choosing a career in which they no interest.

But our main question is still left unanswered, so let me give you all an answer from my point of view.

Being a student myself, I can admit that this is a really serious issue and I have seen many taking up wrong choices in their life just for the sake of their parents happiness, and at last, when they are not able to handle the subject, they face depression.

I am not against parent’s thought, and I know and believe that they are the only person who only wish for our betterment right from our birth. So, where lies the problem?

The problem lies in the different approach and mentality of the two generation, primarily what we call, Generation Gap. Parents wish to see their child getting successful and not to commit the same mistakes they did while studying. Also, the society has the basic mentality construct, that Arts is the most underrated and a total time waste career choice, and in order to maintain dignity and present themselves as parents of a child from a successful ( in their point of view) and most respectable career field, this situation occurs.

So, this was my point of view, and I think it’s true, even though it sounds bitter. So, if you are a parent or a student, I hope you will be able to relate with this and bring out changes in your life.

Thank You ☺️