How Art affects and shapes our personality?

Hello Guys, welcome you all to my blog. Well, today, on the occasion of International Peace Day, let me present you all with a topic which will hopefully develop and shape your personality. And, being honest, according to me, when our personality gets grommed, everything else happens the best. And of course, we will get PEACE too.💫

So, without wasting your much precious time, let’s get staaaarrrrrttttedddd….Wohooooo🎉🎉🎉

So, while thinking about my next blog post topic, when this idea clicked my mind, I had eventually categorised the topic into two, well the first one is for my artist friends, who are already in love with art. And the second one, is for my non-artist friends, who might have never tried or liked art. Well, I am not here to judge or to make someone’s choice superior, instead I am here to put forth my views which I have experienced after diving in the ocean of art.

So, talking further about the first category i.e my artist friends, first of all, I think you all have atleast got a rough idea about what I am going to talk. So, my friends, let me ask you a question: Since you all Guys, have experienced art and know what it is, do you all agree with my point, that art has affected and shaped our personality for a good cause?

Please do drop your views in the comments section.

Well, for those who agree with my point, I hope you all understand why I am putting stress on this topic. Art is not just a means of recreation, but also a great way of channelizing our energy and creativity to a good cause. Well, if you are a regular viewer of my blog, you all must know this fact that I was not a good artist since my childhood. Well, good is a very strong term, leave it, I was a ” terrible” artist. Whenever I used to see other students, drawing beautiful arts, I used to wonder, why I am so bad at it?

Well, time, dedication and hardwork changes everything. And the same happened with me too, I tried and tried and now I can say that I am a pretty much decent Artist. And keeping aside, the basic characteristics, my personality has developed amazingly.

Well, if any of you are thinking that I am bragging much, it’s not the case, Guys. I always take my example, to explain things because of two reasons:

1.) Your own journey is the best example.

2.) I don’t know anyone else’s story. So what’s the point, in bringing a topic, where I am not able to convince my audience.

So, I hope I am clear with my point.

So, now moving further with the next category, i.e of non-artists, who are never associated with art or don’t like art, much same like I was in childhood.

So, my friends, first of all, I must clarify, that I am not here to influence your thinking, nor I can ever do. You all are unique and special as a person. But, I can say this, that there’s nothing wrong in giving a try to creative activities. As I have discussed before, this definitely shapes your personality, but this doesn’t mean that if you’re not interested or practicing art, then you don’t a good personality.

Maybe, there would be even more interesting and personality shaping activity, which you all must be practicing and we, are not.

So, if you know any such activity, please do share in the comments section. I would be pleased to read your comments, Guys.

So that’s it, Guys. I hope it was a great read for you all. Stay connected and safe, friends.😊