Madhubani Art + Announcement

Hello Guys, how are you all????

Well, Today I am going to present you glimpses of my recently learnt Art. Well, it’s none other than Madhubani Art. Those people who are already aware of this Art, must be clear with my point that it’s one of the most beautiful art forms of India.

It has its origins from Madhubani, Bihar. And being an Indian, it was always my desire to learn this art. Well, learning a new Art not only hones our art skills but also improves our knowledge of culture.

So, without any delay, let me present my art.

Do watch the video😊

Next month, I will be back with another Madhubani Art Gallery session. Do put forth your views, Guys. It really matters a lot. Since, I am beginner in this art, I will definitely follow your advices and improve myself.

Also, here is an announcement for you all:

Since the last date for my self conducted Talent Hunt Art Competition is near, I request you all to please send your entries as soon as possible.

Here’s the link to the submission form:

Submission Form

Thank You!!!!!

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